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Be Informed & Confident In Your Decision! 

7 Signs of a GREAT 

Cord Blood Bank

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1. Experience

When comparing cord blood banks, it is important to know the total number of viable cord blood units a company has released. An experienced cord blood bank will have released more than 1,000 viable cord blood units for transplant. StemCyte has released more than 2,200 cord blood units for transplant, which is more than any other private cord blood bank in the US.         


2. Established & Stable

The more established and stable banks will have a minimum of 20 years experience in processing and storing cord blood units. StemCyte was founded in 1997 and has 23+ years experience processing and storing cord blood units.


3. Guarantees & Protection

Some cord blood banks may offer a guarantee if a baby’s cord blood stem cells fail to engraft. Although guarantees may look good on paper, they are very limited in what they actually cover. StemCyte is the only cord blood bank that offers StemCyte Care which gives parents complete protection when additional cord blood units are needed. StemCyte Care can also extend to a newborn’s full biological siblings and parents.


4. Cord Blood Inventory

The size of a cord blood bank’s inventory can reflect a     company’s success. StemCyte has more than 100k cord blood units, which have been processed and stored at our on-site laboratories. Some cord blood banks have acquired smaller banks, including their cord blood inventory, which was processed at a bank that is no longer in business. 

5. Collection Kit & Shipping

To protect the integrity of your baby’s cord blood while in transit, a high quality collection kit is needed. StemCyte’s collection kits comply with all FDA validation requirements and meet FACT and AABB standards.


6. Quality & Accreditation

In the US, all cord blood banks must be registered with the FDA to ensure public safety and health. Many private banks have AABB accreditation.  More stringent quality standards can be achieved through FACT accreditation. To ensure that StemCyte is consistently implementing the highest quality standards possible, we have opted to obtain both AABB and FACT accreditations to demonstrate our commitment to our clients.


7. Value & Pricing

While many companies offer low enrollment and storage fees, parents should consider a bank’s experience, accreditations, guarantees, and capabilities when choosing a cord blood bank. StemCyte offers low competitive pricing, MaxCell® processing, cord tissue preservation, StemCyte Care, payment plans, and options for almost every budget.  

StemCyte has the 7 Signs of a Great Cord Blood Bank 

and Much More!

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