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7 Signs of a GREAT 

Cord Blood Bank

1. Experience

An experienced cord blood bank will have released more than 1,000 viable cord blood units for transplant. 

2. Established

Private cord blood banks should have more than 20 year's experience processing and storing cord blood units.

3. Inventory

Look for cord blood banks with a large inventory of cord blood units. Keep in mind that some of the larger banks may have acquired smaller banks including their inventory.

4. Guarantees 

It is common for larger cord blood banks to provide guarantees in the event engraftment fails. This can be a tricky area, so be sure to read and understand a cord blood bank's guarantee prior to enrolling.

5. Shipping  & Transit

To avoid degradation of your baby's cord blood and or tissue, make sure that a cord bank has cooling functions and temperature monitoring devices in its Collection Kit. 

6. Quality and Accreditation 

Many large private cord blood banks will have AABB accreditation. StemCyte is one of the few private cord blood banks that has both AABB and FACT accreditation. FACT accreditation is a much highest quality standard that ALL public banks must have. 

7. Pricing and Service

There are many plans, services and options to consider when preserving your newborn's cord blood stem cells. While most cord blood banks offer low enrollment fees and payment plans, it is important to know the true value of your plan and how it will support your family when a cord blood transplant is needed. 

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