An Overview

StemCyte's Top Advantages

There are many important things to consider before choosing a company to preserve your newborn's cord blood and cord tissue. As pioneers in regenerative medicine, StemCyte knows what truly matters at every step of banking. We hope this list of our top advantages will give you the confidence in our science, products, and the people who will care for your family's future health and well-being. 

StemCyte Care

With StemCyte Care, parents will receive the best of both private and public cord blood banking. You will have exclusive access to your child’s own stem cells as well as access to StemCyte’s inventory of publicly-donated cord blood units. 

In fact, StemCyte Care can also extend to the newborn’s full biological siblings and parents when cord blood transplants are needed for any of the 80+ FDA approved cord blood stem cell treatments. No other company offers this level of protection and global support!

23+ Years of Experience in Regenerative Medicine

StemCyte has been the global leader in regenerative medicine for more than two decades. In addition to its massive  private and public cord blood inventory and international presence, the Company actively supports and produces clinical trials using cord blood and cord tissue stem cells in the treatment of many life threatening diseases and health conditions, such as autism, diabetes, acute and chronic stroke, spinal cord injury, and more. 


MaxCell® – A Superior Cord Blood Processing Method

With StemCyte's proprietary MaxCell® processing method a higher volume of stem cells are retained. The MaxCell® method preserves more total nucleated cells (TNC) than standard processing methods, which improves the chance of engraftment.

Cord Blood Transplant Experience

StemCyte has released more than 2,200+ cord blood units to 350+ transplant centers worldwide for more than 23 years! This is substantially more than any other private cord blood bank in the world! In fact, 1 out of every 20 cord blood transplants are provided by StemCyte.

Hybrid Private and Public Banking

What sets StemCyte apart from other cord blood banks is its unique Hybrid model. StemCyte has built one of the largest inventories of private and public cord blood units in the world! There are many advantages that will apply to your family when you privately bank with StemCyte.

LifeSaver Guarantee 

StemCyte includes this valuable protection for every client at NO additional cost. If for any reason engraftment fails, StemCyte will provide a replacement cord blood unit from its public inventory, again at NO cost. The company will also reimburse fees already paid and provide an additional $50,000. 



StemCyte is one of the few cord blood banks to hold accreditations from both the American Association of Cord Blood Banks (AABB) and the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT). While the FACT accreditation is not required for private cord blood banks, StemCyte sought this accreditation to ensure it was operating under the highest quality standards possible! By consistently earning these accreditations, parents can have trust and confidence in banking their newborn's cord blood and cord tissue with StemCyte.


The Highest Quality Standards

When it comes to cord blood and cord tissue banking, quality is paramount!  With each step, from collection, transportation, processing, preserving, and releasing your newborn's stem cells, StemCyte adheres to the highest quality standards. Because of this, StemCyte is one of the only cord blood companies to obtain State and Federal grants to collect cord blood for public use!


Affordable Plans & Options

StemCyte believes that cord blood and cord tissue banking are essential safeguards in protecting the health of your newborn and family. That is why we offer a wide variety of cord blood banking plans and options to choose from.

Experienced and Professional Staff

StemCyte is a forward-thinking company who values its most senior and experienced doctors and scientists, to its bright and innovative-minded young professionals. The Company believes in going the extra mile to ensure that all expectant parents receive exceptional care and unparalleled support.


Sibling Donor Program

With StemCyte’s Sibling Donor Program, parents can preserve their newborn's cord blood at NO COST (for first three years) for a qualifying sibling who is in need of a stem cell transplant. Parents will have comfort in knowing that their newborn's stem cells have a higher chance of being a match and a higher probability of engraftment.

Valuable Services

Every family has a diverse health history. StemCyte offers preventative solutions such as Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) testing that can greatly expedite and support the donor matching process. With StemCyte’s Newborn Genetic Analysis (NGA) testing, parents can easily and painlessly test for 225 genes and 200 health disorders to learn if their newborn has any early onset health conditions or diseases.