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Cord Blood & Cord Tissue

The Basics

Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Banking

The process of cord blood and cord tissue banking is relatively simple. Here is an overview of what to

expect when preserving your newborn's cord blood and cord tissue with StemCyte. 

Immediately following the birth of your baby, the doctor will collect the blood that is remaining within the umbilical cord. If cord tissue service is also requested, the tissue will be collected once the blood is removed from the umbilical cord. The doctor will then cut a portion of the umbilical cord tissue and seal it within a sterile container located inside StemCyte's Collection Kit.


Please note that the collection of cord blood and cord tissue does not cause discomfort or pain for mom or baby before, during, or after the collection process. 

Icon Collections Instructions .png
Icon Collections Instructions .png

Temperature Controlled Collection Kit

StemCyte’s collection kits were developed and engineered to maintain the stability of the cord blood and cord tissue immediately after collection. Each collection kit contains an FDA approved collection bag and sterile cord tissue container. The collection kit is also fitted with a trackable temperature unit which allows StemCyte to monitor the temperature of your kit during transit. To protect against extreme temperatures, each collection kit contains one gel pack to ensure the temperature is regulated.

Your Collection Kit

will be registered 

with StemCyte and cataloged

with your profile.


After the collection kit is sealed, mom's spouse, birth partner, or relative will need to call StemCyte's trusted medical courier partner to immediately pickup and ship the collection kit to StemCyte's state-of-the-art laboratory, located in Baldwin Park, California. The delivery time from the moment of collection to StemCyte's facility is approximately 4 to 12 hours. 

Cord Blood & Cord Tissue

Processing & Preservation

Once StemCyte receives your collection kit, our highly

trained staff will take a few routine steps to preserve 

your baby's cord blood and cord tissue.

1. Inspection

We will examine your collection kit and

information form, and conduct a quality assessment of the contents.

2. Process

Our technicians will carefully process and prepare your baby's cord blood and cord tissue for testing and cryopreservation.

3. Preserve

Finally, we will safely preserve and protect your baby's cord blood and tissue.


In the state of cryopreservation, your baby's cord blood stem cells will be ready and quickly accessible when a cord blood stem cell transplant is needed!

Your baby's cord blood and cord tissue

are always protected and monitored

24/7 and 365 days a year in StemCyte's cryopreservation tanks. 


Parents You Should Know This

Your newborn's cord blood stem cells are not only viable for the duration of their childhood, they have the potential to help your baby, biological siblings, and parents for an entire lifetime...yes, a LIFETIME!

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