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The Potential of Cord Tissue Stem Cells

Treating COVID-19

Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, academic research centers and scientists from around the world have been testing the potential of newborn cord tissue stem cells to combat this virus. In addition to the cord tissue stem cell clinical trials for COVID-19, there are numerous active clinical trials using cord tissue stem cells to treat heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other serious health conditions. 


Why are cord tissue stem cells being used in clinical trials as a possible treatment for COVID-19?

Cord tissue contains mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). These cells are important for several reasons. First, they have the ability to differentiate into a variety of cell types within the body. Second, MSCs contain and secrete powerful cytokine proteins that can repair and regulate a variety of functions such as inflammation. Medical professionals hypothesize that reducing and regulating inflammation is critical in treating COVID-19 patients. For the aforementioned reasons, MSCs continue to be tested as a potential treatment of COVID-19 as well as other life-threatening health conditions.


StemCyte’s Ongoing Support of Families

As a pioneer in regenerative medicine, you can be assured that StemCyte remains active and abreast of key information that can help, educate, and support expectant parents and families. Today, StemCyte maintains strong partnerships with some of the top medical facilities and hospitals in the United States and 350+ cord blood transplant centers worldwide.


Why Consider Cord Blood & Tissue Preservation?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major wake-up-call in being prepared emotionally, financially, and physically in the event of a health crisis. The toll that this pandemic has taken on families is not easily measured. StemCyte’s mission to help families face and fight life threatening health conditions and diseases has never been more important! Because cord blood stem cells are used daily and approved for treatment by the FDA in 80+ health conditions and diseases, we encourage parents to preserve their newborn’s cord blood and tissue for their peace-of-mind and the future health of their family.   


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