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The Future is So Bright!

Active Clinical Trials

Today, there are 100+ active clinical trials testing the efficacy of cord blood stem cells on numerous diseases and health conditions. There are also 500+ active clinical trials using cord blood tissue. The mere volume of active clinical trials today truly demonstrates the power and potential of both cord blood and cord tissue stem cells in regenerative medicine. 

StemCyte Sponsored Clinical Trials

Spinal Cord Injury / Phase II

StemCyte is the first hybrid cord blood bank to receive an FDA–approved Phase II clinical trial to treat spinal cord injuries. 

StemCyte's early trials in China were so successful in treating spinal cord injury that the FDA waived the normally required Phase I clinical trial in the U.S., and proceeded to grant StemCyte the approval to start its Phase II clinical trial!  The FDA's confidence in StemCyte's methodologies will speed up the clinical trial process and hopefully culminate in the FDA approving the treatment of spinal cord injury with umbilical cord blood stem cells. StemCyte is honored to receive the FDA's endorsement of our commitment to science excellence. This is the first time that the FDA has waived the need for a Phase I clinical trial in the pursuit of new treatments using UCSC.

Acute Stroke Using Cord Blood Stem Cells 

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StemCyte is actively involved in six clinical trials testing cord blood stem cells in the treatment of acute and chronic stroke, cerebral palsy, autism, spinal cord injury, and cartilage repair. 

StemCyte is so much more than a cord blood and cord tissue banking company. We are leading the charge in regenerative medicine through our clinical trials. When banking your baby's cord blood and cord tissue, you are truly protecting the future health of your family! 


Active Clinical Trials Worldwide

Cord Blood Stem Cells     

  • Spinal cord injuries   

  • Autism   

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Cardiovascular disorders 

  • Acute stroke 

  • Chronic stroke

  • Diabetes

Cord Tissue Stem Cells

  • Heart disease

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Alzheimer’s disease

  • Lung disease

  • Liver disease

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Diabetes

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