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All About Those Amazing

Cord Blood Stem Cells

Can you believe that the very first cord blood stem cell transplant was performed 30 years ago on a child with a rare blood disease?  The success of this transplant has led to countless cord blood transplants around the world! Today, the FDA has approved cord blood stem cell therapies, treatments, and transplants for more than 80+ health conditions and diseases. 


"Who in your family will need a cord blood transplant?"

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People will Need a

Cord Blood Transplant

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Will Benefit From

Regenerative Medicine



Cord Blood Stem Cells Can Treat

  • Blood disorders

  • Certain cancers

  • Metabolic disorders

  • Immune disorders


Patient receives their own stem cells. 


Patient receives stem cells from a matching donor, either a sibling or an unrelated donor.

StemCyte Supported Clinical Trials

Will Help Your Children... and Theirs!

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Active Clinical Trials Using Cord Blood Stem Cells:

  • Spinal cord injuries   

  • Autism     

  • Cerebral palsy ​ 

  • Acute stroke

  • Chronic stroke

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