A Father's Day He Will Love

Father’s Day is a special day to recognize our fathers and fathers-to-be! It took a long time in American history for Father’s Day to become an official holiday in the United States. Our nation celebrated Father’s Day on June 19, 1910, in the state of Washington. Still, the actual holiday wasn’t official until 1972 when President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official. At that time, a national holiday to honor our fathers was made official. This year, we will celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, June 21st. Fathers go by many different names; Dad, Papa, Father, and Father-to-be, but whatever name they go by, they are all special and unique and deserve to be celebrated!

My friend Michael was excited to learn that he would soon become a father for the very first time! As he and his wife, Kimberly, were driving down the road on their way to her parent’s house for dinner, she turned to him and exclaimed, “I guess I will soon be eating for two tonight!” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing nor wipe his ear-to-ear grin off of his face.

Very soon Michael and Kimberly will welcome a new baby boy, Noah. Michael knew that when he became a father that his life would forever be changed. The days, weeks, and months preceding the birth of their son, were filled with planning, uncertainty, excitement, and lots of questions.

Michael attended all of the doctor visits and pregnancy classes with Kimberly, and they would soon hear about the possibility of saving their child’s cord blood and cord tissue. They had discussed the many benefits of banking cord blood and cord tissue, and Kimberly knew that it was something that Michael was seriously considering. While Kimberly was trying to figure out the perfect Father’s Day gift for Michael, she remembered how passionate he was about preserving Noah’s cord blood and cord tissue for their family’s future health.

After much research on cord blood and cord tissue banking companies, Kimberly knew that StemCyte was one of the best companies to consider –and with StemCyte Care she felt her investment was completely protected. To find the best plan Kimberly took StemCyte’s online quiz to help her find the perfect plan and payment options. Once she determined the best plan, she was able to go to StemCyte’s gift registry and set up a special way for her to give Michael this unique gift. She knew Michael would be thrilled when he received such a personal and unique gift on his special day.

The story of Michael and Kimberly is just one example of someone who has found the most valuable and thoughtful gift for her husband. Parents can embrace the future with the confidence of knowing that their newborn’s stem cells are protected and ready if transplants are needed.

Happy Father’s Day!


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