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Cord Blood

MaxCell Processing Offered exclusively by StemCyte.

Removes plasma and recovers the highest number of stem cells.

Standard Cell Processing

Removes both plasma and red blood cells.



Cord Tissue (List Price $1195)

$795 When bundled with Cord Blood

HLA Typing*

*$195 when bundled with tissue or pre-paid storage
(includes $100 discount)




First year storage included with initial processing amount.
Annual storage fees: Cord blood only $150/Child/year.
Cord blood and tissue $275/Child/year.


Pre-paid storage (optional)
17 years ($425 discount)
20 years ($625 discount)
35 years ($825 discount)




6-monthly payments
12-monthly payments

The 12-month payment plan requires no credit check.
Your payment amount is determined solely by the products you select.
You will not be charged interest or additional servicing fees.

Long-term Financing

$0 (amount due)

$16.67 (per month)

$16.67 (per month)

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StemCyte product pricing is subject to change. Cancellation fees may apply. Financing offers are good for US residents only.