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We offer flexible pricing options tailored to your needs.

Step1 - Choose product

Cord Blood

MaxCell™ Processing

Offered exclusively by StemCyte™.
Removes plasma and recovers the highest number of stem cells.

$150 Annual Storage

$1,595 Limited time only
$2,195 (list price)

StandardCell™ Processing

Removes both plasma and red blood cells.

$1,395 Limited time only
$1,995 (list price)

Cord Tissue (List Price $1,195)

Cord Tissue $795 When Purchased with Cord Blood


HLA Typing*

*$195 when bundled with tissue or pre-paid storage
(includes $100 discount)


First year storage included with initial processing amount.
Annual storage fees: Cord blood only $150/Child/year.
Cord blood and tissue $275/Child/year.

July/Aug Promo -Free 2nd year of Storage

Step 2 - Choose pre-paid storage (optional)

Pre-paid storage (optional)
17 years ($510 discount)
25 years ($750 discount)

Cord blood only - $120/Child/year ($30 discount)
off regular annual storage rate

Cord blood and tissue - $220/Child/year ($55 discount)
off regular annual storage rate

Step 3 - Choose payment option

$5,000 (amount due)
12-monthly payments
$416.67 (per month)

The 12-month payment plan requires no credit check.
Your payment amount is determined solely by the products you select.
You will not be charged interest or additional servicing fees.

Additional offers may be available.
Call 866.389.4659 to speak with a
StemCyte™ representative.

Long-term Financing
24 months*
48 months*

As low as $94.75 per month
As low as $55.42 per month

*Based on $1,995 StandardCell list price. Actual monthly payments will depend on product(s) selected and APR (12.9% for 24-month financing; 14.9% for 48-month financing).

Covers initial processing fees only for cord blood, cord tissue, and HLA processing.

No down payment needed and does not cover annual storage fees.

Annual storage amounts ($150 cord blood only; $275 cord blood and tissue).

For 24 or 48 month financing,

StemCyte™'s 24-month and 48-month financing plans are made in conjunction with our financing partner(s). Availability is subject to credit approval, and other terms and conditions may apply. Please call 866.389.4659 to speak with a StemCyte™ representative.

StemCyte™ product pricing is subject to change. Cancellation fees may apply. Financing offers are good for US residents only.

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