Throw Yourself a Virtual Baby Shower!

A great way for friends & family to contribute to your baby's arrival!

We know as expectant parents, you have a lot of expenses to prepare for in the coming months. Why not throw yourself a Virtual Baby Shower hosted by StemCyte™? Instead of registering for extra baby toys, burp cloths, and onesies, your friends & family will have a special opportunity to contribute towards a life saving gift for your baby. Having these precious stem cells available to save your loved one's life is priceless and just think, they'll never outgrow this gift!· What are you waiting for? Create your registry today and watch with excitement as your contributions increase on the personalized growth chart.

How it Works:

Select a virtual baby shower invitation and thank you card from one of our online templates. StemCyte™ will then send them out on your behalf to your chosen virtual guests. Your invited friends and family can visit your registry anytime and donate in increments of $25 as they wish. You will have a personalized growth chart that will change every time a gift comes in. Any amount noted on your growth chart is applied to your banking fee. It's a fun and easy way to contribute to this life saving gift!

  1. Call 866.389.4659 or email us at: us to set up a free account
  2. We will send you an email with a link to your personalized virtual baby shower registry
  3. Just click on the link and create your virtual baby shower invitations and thank you cards with the selections available
  4. Provide us with a list of email addresses for your guests
  5. StemCyte™ will send out emails to your invited guests
  6. Watch your personalized growth chart grow!

You'll receive an update every time someone makes a contribution online.Thank you cards are sent as soon as a contribution comes in.This a perfect opportunity to share with your friends and family why you feel its important to bank your baby's cord blood with StemCyte™. It's a great way to share the good news of StemCyte™ and stem cell treatments during such an exciting time in your lives.

We at StemCyte™ respect not only your privacy but your friends and families too. No information will be shared with another party for marketing and/or solicitation. That is our promise to you.

Now, let's get started!

Call now to get started 1-866-389-4659 OR Click here to request your personalized baby shower templates

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