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Brothers and Sisters, The Ultimate Gift!

Sibling Donors

What would we do without our invaluable siblings? StemCyte’s Sibling Donor Program makes it possible for expectant families to preserve their newborn's cord blood at NO COST (for the first three years) for a qualifying sibling who is in need of a stem cell transplant. It is a fact that stem cell transplants from a related donor, such as a sibling, have a higher chance of engraftment.

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*StemCyte's sibling donor program

is free for the first three years.

Here's How to Qualify for StemCyte's

Sibling Donor Program:

  • A full biological sibling must have one of the eligible disease indications that can be treated by an allogeneic cord blood stem cell transplantation. 

  • The affected sibling and the donor (new baby) must have the same biological parents.

  • The donor (new baby) does not have the same disease as the biological sibling.

  • The sibling’s transplant physician must approve the cord blood HLA match, cell dose, and other quality standards of baby’s cord blood unit. 

Since March 2020

Qualified for StemCyte's Sibling Donor Program






stem cell transplants and therapies.

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Facts About Sibling Donors

  • Newborn's have a 25% or (1 in 4) chance of being an HLA-identical match to a sibling and inheriting identical HLA markers.

  • Newborn's have a 50% chance of inheriting half of the same HLA markers as their sibling. This is called a haploidentical match.​

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