The History

Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplants

Did you know that the average age for first-time mothers is 30? Would it surprise you that cord blood stem cell treatments and therapies have been successful in treating serious health conditions and diseases for the ENTIRE lifetime of most first-time mothers today? The great news for expectant parents is that cord blood stem cell treatments and therapies have been time-tested and proven effective for more than 80+ health conditions and diseases. Even better news are the new treatments and applications on the horizon. That is why StemCyte encourages both cord blood and cord tissue banking so you can protect your newborn and your family for years to come. 





The concept of cord blood for transplants is born.


The first blood stem cell transplantation is made possible.


First successful cord blood transplant performed on a

5-year-old with a sibling donor.


Several public cord blood banks are founded.


Dr. Joanne Kurtzburg of Duke University Medical performs the first cord blood transplant in the United States.


Private cord blood banks are opening around the world.


The First FDA clinical trial for cerebral palsy is approved.


There have been 40,000

cord blood Transplants since 1988.


FDA clinical trials for novel uses of cord blood and cord tissue are looking promising for: Autism, diabetes, stroke,

spinal cord injury, heart disease and more...

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