With StemCyte Care

Your Family's Investment is Protected!

What differentiates StemCyte from all other cord blood banking companies in the world is its comprehensive StemCyte Care service. With this affordable and valuable protection, your family will receive unparalleled support and access to a global inventory of publicly-donated cord blood units when needed.

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With StemCyte Care, 

the investment of preserving your

newborn's cord blood

is protected! 

NO other company offers complete protection

for your baby’s cord blood & tissue.  

Remember that if additional cord blood stem cells are needed for transplant, StemCyte Care has you covered! With StemCyte Care, parents gain access to the world’s largest inventory of public cord blood units. In fact, no other company gives parents a hybrid solution of both public and private banking. StemCyte Care Benefits extend to the newborn’s siblings as well as the parents.