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Thank you for enrolling to preserve your baby's cord blood stem cells with StemCyte!

Our Customer Service team will be sending you additional enrollment forms via Docusign.   Please make sure you fill them out and sign as soon as possible so that StemCyte can ship a StemCyte Cord Blood Collection Kit to you right away.

Collection Kit

What to do after receiving the StemCyte Kit?

Take To Hospital

Please take the Kit to the hospital with you at the time of delivery and inform your Labor & Delivery nurse that you will be preserving your baby's stem cells with StemCyte.


Your Labor & Delivery nurse will draw your maternal sample upon arrival and prepare the Collection Kit for when your OBGYN doctor performs the collection in the seconds following the delivery of your baby.


Once the stem cells are collected, your nurse will hand your Collection Kit back to you with your baby's stem cells inside.

​At that point, please call StemCyte at the number on the Kit

(866) 389-4659,  press 1 and 1 again to schedule our medical courier to come and pick up the Kit with stem cells inside from you.

If you have any questions, 

Please feel free to reach out to us at

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