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Life's Essential Safeguards

Change Your Family's Future!

From infancy to adolescence, childhood is a time of major growth and vulnerability.

Today, parents can easily learn the risks and rates of childhood diseases and illnesses and make informed decisions to protect their children.  Fortunately, parents have benefits and protections available to them such as cord blood and cord tissue banking. We believe it should never be a question, it should be a given. 

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The two benefits of preserving your newborn's cord blood & tissue: 

#1 Today

Cord blood stem cells can treat and cure certain blood diseases, cancers, and health conditions.

#2 Tomorrow

Other life threatening 

diseases and health conditions like autism, stroke, and diabetes

could possibly be treated and cured!

Autism (Statistics in the US)

  • 1 of every 59 Children are diagnosed annually.

  • 1 in 37 Boys and 1 in 151 Girls have autism.

  • 3.5 Million have an autism spectrum disorder.

Cancer (Statistics in the US)

  • 40,000 Children are being treated.

  • 11,050 Children will be diagnosed each year.

  • 1 out of 8 Children will not survive.

  • 51% of childhood deaths are from cancer.

Cerebral Palsy (Statistics in the US)

  • 10,000 Infants are diagnosed annually.

  • 1,500 Children are diagnosed annually.

  • 500,000 Children under the age of 18 have CP.

Stroke (Infant and Children)

  • 1 in 2,800 Newborns will have a stroke.

  • 2,000 Children each year will have a stroke.

  • The 6th leading cause of death in children.

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