Stem Cell Optimization Process

One of the most important aspects in cord blood transplantation is the volume of viable stem cells at time of transfusion. No one delivers more viable stem cells than StemCyte because of our proprietary stem cell optimization process. Our founder developed a process that gives families the hope of a life saving cord blood stem cell miracle. These miracles are happening everyday because of our commitment to higher standards and saving lives.

StemCyte’s high engraftment rate is the result of our proprietary, modified whole blood processing (5 patents pending). This method consistently delivers an unexcelled post-processing cell yield and post-thaw cell recovery of 99.9%. StemCyte has a processing method that has the highest cell recovery and our transplant experience of over 1700 is a strong measure of that quality.

An abstract presented at the 2008 Bone Marrow Transplant Meetings in San Diego by Dr. Michael Graham, M.D., of the University of Arizona Medical Center, demonstrated that pediatric patients with cancer transplanted plasma depleted cord blood received:

  • Higher Cell Dosage   • Lower Transplant-Related Mortality  • Superior Engraftment  • Overall Survival

Important Aspects for Cord Blood Processing

Collection: Our Stem Cell Optimization Process begins with a collection process strongly preferred by transplant physicians. We prefer to use blood bags over any other method for collection. Blood bags represent a superior closed system that minimizes the risk of bacterial and fungal contamination, and are strongly preferred by transplant physicians for their safety and efficacy.

Transport: Our validated, temperature-controlled cord blood collection shipping container meets the high standards recommended by the FDA in their draft cord blood guidance for unrelated cord blood shipping in order to maintain the optimal temperature for transportation of your baby's unique cells. This protects your family's precious stem cells during shipping to our laboratory through all 4 seasons and extreme weather conditions.

Processing: With our processing method, 99.9% of the total nucleated cells received at collection are successfully recovered. This recovery rate significantly exceeds other volume reduction methods, which published data shows yield anywhere between 25%-80%.

Freezing and Thawing: Our unprecedented post-thaw cell viability in the range of 90% is due to two specific aspects of the process: 1) the highly efficient procedure and the meticulous care taken in adding the cryogenic freezing agent (DMSO) and 2) the validated and unique 'cold-thawing' procedure that minimizes stem cell loss resulting from post-thaw.

Testing: All cord blood units are tested for sterility and screened for all the blood bank virus diseases markers, by both serological and nucleic acid tests (NAT) using maternal samples.

Higher Standards: Over 400 standard operating procedures and quality controls monitor the cord blood banking process, and five patents have been filed surrounding StemCyte's proprietary stem cell laboratory processing method.

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