Top Reasons to Choose StemCyte


StemCyte has supplied over 1700 cord blood units in over 278 hospitals for life saving transplants. That's more than four times all other cord blood bank transplant numbers combined!

A key consideration in choosing a cord blood bank is their volume of experience in transplants. Choose a bank with a proven record of successful transplants and don't be afraid to ask for their detailed transplant record. A reputable cord blood bank will gladly post their experience.


StemCyte is the #1 choice Transplant Physicians and centers around the world because of our ability to deliver the highest quality and volume of viable cord blood stem cells. Because of our dedication to research and donation, we continue to ship 5-6 units per week for life saving transplants. We have provided numerous cord blood units to hospitals and transplant centers worldwide in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Israel
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Taiwan

See the entire list of medical centers here


When you choose StemCyte, you know you've chosen a cord blood bank that continues to receive accolodates from Transplant Physicians, Obstetricians, and Hospitals worldwide. Since 1997 StemCyte has focused on higher standards in cord blood banking, processing and storage, and on providing these services at an affordable rate for your family.


Through many years of experience and collaboration with researchers, StemCyte established a streamlined process for collecting, preserving, and storage while obtaining the most cells after processing for transplant ready cord blood. We call it our Stem Cell Optimization Process

Our Stem Cell Optimization Process is monitored by over 400 quality-based procedures. Our proprietary processing method yields 99.9% of total nucleated cells after collection. That's more than any other processing method in the industry. Learn more ...


StemCyte is one of the very few cord blood banks with a temperature controlled collection kit. Your baby's cord blood and mother's maternal blood sample are both kept in a temperature stabilizing kit that minimizes temperature deviation from time of collection to arrival at our state of the art facility. We've taken the highest measures to ensure we retain the 99.9% viability your family deserves.


StemCyte has one of the most of the most accredited and licensed banks in the world. When choosing a bank make sure they are AABB accredited but if you take a look at our accreditations, you will see we go above and beyond just the basics. By achieving FACT accreditation, they are informing patients, medical professionals, health insurance companies and the government that you exceed standards in patient care and laboratory practices. Many health insurance plans and managed care organizations use FACT accreditation as a factor for designating “Centers of Excellence. We are also FDA registered, ASHI accredited, CLIA accredited, CA Biologics licensed and as a public bank, we're a member of the National Marrow Donor Program.

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