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Why An Olympic Gold Medalist Chose StemCyte...


Considered "The Most Decorated American Gymnast", having won more Olympic and World Championship Medals in the 1990's than any other US gymnast, female or male, Shannon Miller, a 7-time Olympic Medalist and 9-time World Medalist is expecting her first child at the Fall of 2009. She shares her thoughts about StemCyte:

"As an Olympic gold medalist, I've always sought out the best and healthiest decisions in life. As my husband and I began planning our family's future, we wanted to thoroughly investigate the finest decisions for our baby. Cord blood banking was a no-brainer for us, and StemCyte was the obvious choice for where we wanted to store our baby's cord blood."

- Shannon Miller, Olympic Gold Medalist

I lost one of my nephews to a disease that could have been cured by a cord blood transplant. When I learned my other two nephews were diagnosed with the same illness and they needed transplants to live, I got involved and helped my brother's family by running donor drives to find lifesaving matches for them. Our whole family has been through so much.

Then we experienced firsthand the miracle of cord blood. Matches were found and both my nephews were saved from a disease that would have taken their lives.

You don't think it can happen to you, but it can.

When I had my baby this past summer, I chose to bank with StemCyte because of their commitment to saving lives. They are not like the others. The doctor that sits on their company's board was directly involved with saving my nephews. Their transplant record is far above any other bank. I trust them, their experience and their record of saving lives

-K.M., Castaic, CA

I banked my first child's unit with another bank. Four years later, I looked around again and found StemCyte. Your information was easy for me to understand. The website was filled with great information.

The doctors, the transplant record, the storage procedures and testing are superior to the other banks, in my opinion.

My representative really cared for me and my family. In fact, she checked in with me from time to time to make sure I was ok! The personal touch, combined with the incredible medical experience made them the right choice over the other banks.

We will hopefully never need to use it, but if we do, I trust that it will be there for me.

My sister is having a baby and I'll be sure she goes with StemCyte.

Thanks for caring!

-M.M., Morgan Hill, CA

StemCyte provides outstanding service and support. Everything went according to plan; their directions were clear, there were no glitches and everyone knew exactly what to do. What a relief for me and my family.

I looked at five or six other banks and chose StemCyte because they really knew the facts about banking and transplants.

My representative, gave me great information and I really trust them based on their experience and sincere commitment to saving lives.

Thank you!

-B.R., Phoenix, AZ

Banking with StemCyte was an easy decision. I was overwhelmed and intimidated by all the information out there on banks and cord blood banking. Their specialists were so knowledgeable and made the process so easy. I trust their people to care for me and my baby's unit.

-S.B., Jonesboro, AR

Banking our sons cord blood has given us such peace of mind. We recently had a scare from his doctor. She does routine baseline blood work for all her one year old patients. Jeremiah's came back with low white blood cell counts. Of course, our hearts dropped!!! They had us re-do the tests to make sure it wasn't an error. And sure enough, they came back low again!

So we had to take him to a Pediactric Hematalogist and Cancer Center to have him further evaluated. Just seeing the words Cancer Center made me cry! My husband said "Thank God we banked his cord blood - that could be the best investment that we have ever made!" Thank God again, when we took him to the doctor they said his white blood cell count is just below average and that he is perfectly normal! But just having that peace of mind, knowing that we did have his stem cells banked for just this kind of situation, let me face the situation with much more peace. Thank you StemCyte!

-Charity H., Florida

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