Keep It.

If you decide to save your babies cord blood, just click on our Private Banking button on our home page for more information on this genetically perfect match for your baby. Your baby's cord blood could also be a match for a sibling transplant should one be needed.

Donate It.

Donation is another great way to give life twice. To find out if you're eligible to donate, just click on our Public Banking button from our home page and get more information on how you can help. The collection process is easy and free of charge to you and should your baby ever require a transplant, your family will receive priority listing to get a match.

Don't Throw it Away.

Medical waste means that the cord blood will be thrown out as waste and cannot be retrieved for future use. Educate yourself on your options and make the right choice for your family.

Our Guarantee

If your child, your child's sibling or biological parent should need the donated stem cells for appropriate medical indications, StemCyte will provide a cord blood unit free of charge to you if a match is available. If your donation has already been used for transplantation, StemCyte will try to obtain the next most compatible unit in our inventory, provided it is acceptable to the transplant physician but also free of charge to you.

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