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Special Father's Day Pricing  Expires 06/30.

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Preserve Your Baby's Stem Cells 

StemCyte provides the most comprehensive cord blood banking packages.

Collection Process

StemCyte's collection process has been made simple and easy for expectant parents. From our temperature-controlled collection kit and the partnership between StemCyte and your medical provider, you can rest assured that your child's stem cells are stored properly and safely.

StemCyte Collection Kit

Our Collection Kit

StemCyte Collection Kit

Easy to follow instructions

StemCyte's collection kit includes clear and easy to follow instructions for parents and healthcare providers.

Tested for durability

StemCyte collection kits are constructed with substantial insulation that has been tested to ensure that your kit can withstand different types of extreme weather. 


Each StemCyte collection kit includes a thermometer to ensure temperature is controlled.

FDA Approved

FDA approved means StemCyte collection kits meet FDA requirements for medical specimen transportation.

How To Enroll

StemCyte provides 3 easy steps to preserve your child’s cord blood stem cells. 


Call our toll free number

(866) 389-4659

or select a plan.


We will ship a newborn collection kit to your home.


Bring your StemCyte collection kit to the hospital on the day of your delivery & hand it to your Labor

& Delivery nurse.


Your doctor will perform the collection. 


Following delivery and collection of stem cells, you will need to call our medical courier at (866) 389-4659 to arrange transfer to StemCyte’s laboratory for processing.

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