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StemCyte Advantage

Trusted by Leading OBGYN and Transplant Physicians

Stemcyte Public Bank Access

Access To Public Bank Inventory

Public Bank Access is complete protection for your family that no other cord blood bank can offer.

Parents will receive the best of both worlds:

  • Exclusive use of your child’s own stem cells

  • And access to StemCyte’s Public Bank inventory

How does it work?

Transplant Experience

Trust comes with experience. The number of cord blood units released for transplant speaks volumes about a cord blood bank's success in delivering viable stem cells when it matters.

StemCyte has delivered more than 2,303 cord blood units in over 350 transplant centers worldwide. To date there have been over 60,000 cord blood transplants (18) performed worldwide. StemCyte has provided 1 out of every 26 cord blood units used in transplants.

 StemCyte Transplant Experience

StemCyte towers over all other cord blood banks as we have provided more cord blood units for transplant than any other cord blood bank.

StemCyte Proven Clinical Expertise
  • Post-COVID Syndrome

  • Acute Stroke

  • Chronic Stroke

  • Spinal Cord Injury

  • Cartilage Repair

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Autism

Proven Clinical Expertise

It's not just about saving blood... It's about saving lives. StemCyte is focused on finding a cure to diseases using newborn stem cells. We are both private and public cord blood bank leading the way in clinical research seeking new treatments using cord blood stem cells. StemCyte has been involved in many clinical trials since 1997.

Currently, StemCyte is involved in seven groundbreaking clinical trials using cord blood stem cells:​​ ​

Processing Method

StemCyte uses MaxCell® Processing, a proprietary method of processing. Research studies(16) show that MaxCell® yields a higher recovery of total nucleated cells (TNC) which is the main goal of cord blood banking.  

Learn more about MaxCell® Processing

StemCyte Laboratory
Special Father's Day Pricing  Expires 06/30.

High Standards

Most public cord blood banks receive the prestigious FACT accreditation. FACT accredited organizations are sought by physicians and patients who are more confident when cellular therapy products and cord blood units come from FACT-accredited organizations. 

Although not required of private cord blood banks, StemCyte has chosen to secure FACT accreditation to demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest quality standards available for cord blood banking and to ensure parents that we exceed standards in patient care and laboratory practices. In fact, StemCyte was among the first cord blood bank to be FACT accredited for the collection and banking of cord blood.

FACT is the only accrediting organization that addresses all quality aspects of cellular therapy treatments. FACT accreditation is a factor in the ranking of "America's Best Hospitals." Among the 10 cancer care centers ranked as best in the United States, all are FACT Accredited. 17

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Preserve Your Baby's Stem Cells 

StemCyte provides the most comprehensive cord blood banking packages.

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