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A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Preserve Your Baby's Stem Cells

StemCyte provides the most comprehensive Cord Blood banking packages.

Banking Options

Choices in Cord Blood Banking

Preserve your baby's cord blood for immediate access for your family anytime you need it.

Donate your baby's cord blood to help save someone else's life in the future.


If your baby's life-saving stem cells are not preserved at birth, they are discarded as medical waste.

Each baby comes into this world with the amazing potential to save their own life or someone else’s life in the future. A baby’s umbilical cord contains powerful stem cells that can be used in life-saving transplants. Too often these stem cells are discarded as many parents are not familiar with the value of stem cell preservation.

Private Banking

Private Banking allows you to store your baby’s stem cells for your family, making them available immediately should your family ever need them. The cord blood stem cells will be a perfect match for your baby.

This service is provided by cord blood banks which charge a fee for processing and storage.  You retain ownership of your newborn baby’s stem cells.

StemCyte Family Banking
StemCyte Sibling Donor Program

Sibling Donor Program

Why Choose StemCyte

Why Choose StemCyte?

Public Banking

When you donate your baby's stem cells to a public bank, you are making them available to another individual in need of a life-saving stem cell transplant. 

There is no cost to donate your child's stem cells if your hospital participates in a donation program. Your family does not retain ownership of the cord blood once it has been donated.

StemCyte Public Banking
StemCyte Public Bank Access

How to get Public Bank Access


If your baby's life-saving stem cells are not preserved at birth, they are discarded. Once discarded, these cells cannot be retrieved for use. 

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