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Cured by his own cord blood 19 years later 

October 2023

"I didn't expect that the umbilical cord blood saved for the child would actually save the child's life 19 years later!" said the father of Xiaoan, an aplastic anemia patient, excitedly. To learn more about cord blood banking.

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Cord Blood Rescue After Cardiac Arrest

Aug. 2023

In this story, a child that underwent a prolonged cardiac arrest was resuscitated but remained in a vegetative state because of the pause in blood flow to his brain. After an infusion of his own cord blood, he experienced a remarkable recovery over the next three years that has been published in the medical literature.

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Peleg's Story of Cell Therapy for Autism

Jun 2023

Peleg had a typical case of autism with regression. His parents decided to try cell therapy. Before and after videos document his rapid improvement in language skills. 

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Salvador’s Story: Expanded Access for Autism

May 2023

Salvador is a 5-year-old boy from Portugal diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder who received cord blood therapy in the US through the Expanded Access program at Duke. 


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The first Post-COVID Syndrome Phase II clinical trial has begun recruiting patients

May 2023

Covid-19 - StemCyte

StemCyte announced it has officially begun recruiting patients under a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Phase IIa human clinical trial in the United States. This is the world's first Phase II trial using umbilical cord blood cells to treat Post-COVID syndrome.

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