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A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Preserve Your Baby's Stem Cells 

StemCyte provides the most comprehensive cord blood banking packages.

Guide to choosing

a cord blood bank

Here are 7 things you need to know when choosing a cord blood bank. 


Does the cord blood bank have proven experience?

StemCyte is a clear leader in clinical expereience. We have shipped over 2,303 units for transplant to over 350 transplant hospitals while the closest competitor has only shipped 700+ units.


Is the cord blood bank established & stable?

StemCyte has been in business since 1997. StemCyte is unique amongst cord blood banks as we operate both a private cord blood bank and a public cord blood bank. We are a cord blood bank supported by the California - Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program 


What is the cord blood bank's


StemCyte operates the most ethnically diverse inventory of cord blood units in the world.  As both a private cord blood bank and a public cord blood bank, StemCyte is a global company with storage facilities in the USA, Taiwan, and India and processes cord blood collections from expectant parents around the world.  


Does the cord blood bank have guarantees?

Because StemCyte operates both a private cord blood and a public cord blood bank, we are able to provide complete protection for your family that no other cord blood bank can offer. With Public Bank Access, StemCyte will provide a matching unit from our public cord blood bank or financially assist in securing a matching unit from another cord blood bank if additional cord blood stem cells are needed at transplant.

Choose the best cord blood bank for your family

There are reasons why StemCyte is the most trusted cord blood bank by OBGYN and transplant physicians.

Guide to choosing a cord blood bank


Does the cord blood bank have a good collection kit?

StemCyte's state of the art collection kit stands up to the most rigorous testing. It contains an FDA approved sterile collection bag and adheres to both FDA and FACT guidelines.


Does the cord blood bank have high standards?

StemCyte provides the highest standards available for cord blood banking. Not only are we FDA registered and AABB accredited, we have also chosen to secure the prestigious FACT accreditation which is voluntary for private cord blood banks. This accreditation is globally recognized and is often considered the gold standard in the field of cellular therapy.


Does the cord

blood bank have competitive pricing?

StemCyte provides several packages tailored to accommodate different family budgets. We are the only cord blood bank that offers  Public Bank Access at no additional cost.

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