Cord Blood Transplants & Therapies

Forever Changed Their Lives

To these survivors, cord blood banking was the most important thing their parents did for their future. We encourage you to read their stories and share the importance of

cord blood banking with those who mean the world to you! 

1 in 2,800 Newborns

Will Have a Stroke 

Infant Stroke Survivor

Bailey Coates

Bailey Coates.jpg

Following the birth of her daughter Bailey, Rebecca Coates felt something could be wrong. Bailey had an infant stroke.

When banking Bailey's cord blood with StemCyte, her parents had no reason to suspect their daughter would have any health issues. But they decided to bank Bailey’s cord blood in the event it was needed at anytime throughout her life. This decision changed the health and well-being of their beautiful daughter.


At Duke University, Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg used Bailey’s own stem cells that had been safely cryopreserved with StemCyte to reduce the inflammation around the area of her brain that was affected by a stroke. This fifteen-minute procedure consisted of an intravenous infusion of cord blood stem cells and two hours of intravenous fluids over a three-day period.


Today, Bailey is a healthy, thriving little girl and showing no signs of her stroke.