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Human Mononuclear Cells, Cord Blood (MNC, Cord Blood) Frozen

Human Mononuclear Cells,  Cord Blood (MNC,  Cord Blood) Frozen

Now available for research.


Human Mononuclear Cells, Cord Blood (MNC, Cord Blood) Frozen

StemCyte is an experienced and global cell sourcing provider of GMP-compliant human stem cells for cellular therapies and research use. 

Our Mononuclear cell (MNC) products are isolated from human cord blood (CB) by density gradient centrifugation and cryopreserved in animal-free medium. Human cord blood is collected aseptically in Citric Phosphate with Dextrose Buffer (CPD) at the time of delivery from healthy donors under IRB approved informed consent by our qualified collectors at FDA-registered hospitals.

MNCs have a single round nucleus, such as lymphocytes, monocytes, and dendritic cells.  These cells are critical components of the immune system which are involved in both humoral and cell-mediated immunity.  


Each lot of the MNC product has been tested for viability and total cell count prior to cryopreservation. Donor specifications (age, ethnicity, etc) and HLA typing are available upon request. In addition, donors are screened for HBV (core antibody and surface antigen), HIV1/2, HCV, HTLVI/II, WNV, Trypanasoma Cruzi, and Syphilis. 


This MNC product is designed for in vitro research use only and is not suitable for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. We offer to support and explore the potential uses of this product.

For further information about this product, please contact us below.

StemCyte Research
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