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Our Services

Our Services

Cord blood and tissue stem cells are powerful building blocks of our bodies.  They each have very different roles in the body and regenerative medicine.  Choosing both cord blood and cord tissue will provide more security

in your family’s future.

Cord Blood Stem Cells

  • Have the unique ability to repair and regenerate healthy blood and immune systems. 

  • Used in transplant medicine for over 30  years to treat 80+ conditions, including cancer and blood disorders.   

  • 100% match with your child 


Cord Tissue Stem Cells

  • Provide access to powerful mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) which have the ability to heal, repair, and regenerate muscle, bones, cartilage, skin and the tissue parts of our internal organs.   

  • A potential match for your immediate family.

  • Over 500 active clinical trails


Processing Method

StemCyte offers two ways to preserve your newborn’s cord blood. StandardCell® Processing may be the most commonly used processing method, however StemCyte also offers our proprietary processing method called MaxCell® Processing.


Research studies* show that MaxCell® yields a higher recovery of total nucleated cells (TNC) which is the main goal of cord blood banking.

StandardCell® Processing
  • Most commonly used processing method. 

  • Isolates stem cells by removing plasma and a majority of red blood cells

  • Storage capacity 25 mL 

MaxCell® Processing
  • Higher volume TNC increases engraftment and survival rate

  • Shortens recovery time following transplant 

  • Isolates stem cells by only removing plasma

  • Storage capacity 100 mL  

Whats Always Included?

  • StemCyte Care – Public Bank Access 

  • LifeSaver Guarantee 

  • Free Medical Courier Shipping 

  • Quality Testing of Stem Cells 


StemCyte Care - Public Bank Access

StemCyte is unique amongst cord blood banks as we offer both private and public cord blood banking which allows us to provide complete protection for your family that no other cord blood bank can offer.

StemCyte Care - Public Bank Access provides parents the best of both worlds: exclusive use of your child’s own stem cells as well as access to StemCyte’s public bank inventory if additional stem cells are

needed for transplant.


Lifesaver® Guarantee

StemCyte families are also covered under StemCyte's LifeSaver® Guarantee at NO additional cost.

If stem cells fail to engraft after transplant, StemCyte will provide a replacement cord blood unit from our public inventory, again at NO charge

We will also reimburse fees already paid to StemCyte and provide an additional $50,000 to help cover medical costs.


Storage Plan

StemCyte guarantees annual storage prices until your child turns 18 years old, while most cord blood banks can increase their fees at any time.

StemCyte offers the following pre-payment storage plans which provide substantial savings rather than making annual storage payments each year. 

Pay Annual
Cord Blood: $185 / Year
Cord Blood & Tissue: $370 / Year
Pre Pay 21 Year Plan
$600 Savings for Cord Blood
$1,300 Savings for Cord Blood & Tissue
Pre Pay 18 Year Plan
$510 Savings for Cord Blood
$1,105 Savings for Cord Blood & Tissue
Pre Pay Lifetime Plan
$1,750 Savings for Cord Blood
$3,325 Savings for Cord Blood & Tissue

Add On Services

Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) 

Every family member has a different

genetic makeup.  


StemCyte offers HLA testing to identify

the specific blood markers found in a newborn’s cord blood which will allow families to identify if the cord blood collected will be a match for other siblings or any other family members.

Newborn Genetic Analysis (NGA)

StemCyte offers a highly sophisticated and sensitive genetic test called Newborn Genetic Analysis (NGA).


NGA identifies any DNA irregularities and screens for over 200 health disorders.   Parents can easily and painlessly learn if their newborn has any early-onset health conditions or diseases.  


A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To Preserve Your Baby’s Cord Blood Stem Cells 

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