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There is nothing more important than protecting your family's health and well-being. At StemCyte we know that every family's health history is unique. While a new baby makes us think about the future, they also make us think about the past and any health conditions that were present in our family tree. Today, we are afforded incredible science, medical breakthroughs, and technology that our grandparents could only dream of. Embrace the power of cord blood and cord tissue stem cells and the preventative measures to keep your family healthy for a lifetime! 

Processing Methods

MaxCell® Processing

StemCyte developed a proprietary processing method that is superior to the majority of cord blood banking companies today. 

With MaxCell® the plasma layer is removed and a greater yield of total nucleated cells (TNC) are preserved, improving engraftment potential. 

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MaxCell® Benefits:

  • Only the plasma is removed.

  • MaxCell® preserves more Total Nucleated Cells.

  • Improves engraftment potential.

StandardCell® Processing

StandardCell® is a processing method where plasma and a majority of red blood cells are removed. StemCyte matches the industry's standard by offering its automated cord blood processing method, StandardCell®   

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StandardCell® Benefits:

  • The plasma and majority of red blood cells are removed. 

  • Industry standard and the most common automated collection process.

Cord Tissue Banking

StemCyte offers parents the option to bank their baby's cord tissue because it has an amazing potential in regenerative medicine. Cord tissue contains an abundant source of mesenchymal stem cells. These cells have a proven and natural ability to reduce inflammation and repair organs, tissue, bone, and muscle.

Today, there are 500+ active clinical trials supporting tomorrow's medical breakthroughs.


Guarantees & Protection

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StemCyte Care

No other company offers a hybrid solution of both private and public banking.

StemCyte Care Benefits extend to the newborn’s full biological siblings

and parents. 

StemCyte Care

Your investment is protected! With StemCyte Care your family will receive unparalleled support and access to a GLOBAL INVENTORY of publicly donated cord blood units when needed.

StemCyte Care Will:

  • Provide a matching unit from StemCyte's public cord blood bank or,


  • Extend its search to ALL global public cord blood banks or,

  • Pay up to $80k toward uncovered medical expenses if a matching unit is not found.

LifeSaver Guarantee

No company can match

StemCyte's LifeSaver Guarantee! 

If for any reason your newborn's cord blood unit fails to engraft, StemCyte's LifeSaver Guarantee will:

  • Find a replacement at no cost to parents from StemCyte's public inventory​.

  • Reimburse all paid fees.

  • Provide parents with an additional $50k.


LifeSaver Guarantee

This service is included at NO additional cost when preserving your baby's cord blood with StemCyte.

Be One Step Ahead


HLA Testing

Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA)

testing helps families save critical time if a cord blood stem cell transplant is needed. 

The success of a stem cell transplant can often depend upon how closely the donor and recipient's HLAs match. A close matching HLA increases the chances of engraftment and reduces the risk of complications after a stem cell transplant is performed. 

With HLA Testing

  • The probability is high your newborn could be a donor for a family member.

  • If your family history has diseases that can be treated with stem cell therapies.

  • Ensure a straight and shorter path to treatment if needed.

Full Siblings Have a 1 in 4 Chance

of Being an HLA Full Match

NGA Testing

Happy Young Family

NGA Testing Identifies

225 Genes &  200 Health Disorders

As a preventative measure, many parents add NGA testing when banking their baby's cord blood and cord tissue with StemCyte.

The opportunity to learn of DNA changes that have the potential to cause serious health conditions or life-altering symptoms can help parents take a proactive step for their baby's future. 

NGA Testing Checks For: 

  • Metabolic disorders

  • Blood disorders

  • Hearing loss

  • Cardiac conditions

  • Immunodeficiency disorders

  • Pediatric cancers

  • Epilepsy

  • Vision loss

  • Kidney disease

  • Muscle disorders