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Save over 50% off on stem cell processing. Expires 05/31.

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Preserve Your Baby's Stem Cells. 

StemCyte provides the most comprehensive cord blood banking packages.

StemCyte vs Competitor

Families and Transplant Physicians Trust StemCyte's Transplant Experience!

StemCyte vs Others


Cord Blood Transplant Units Worldwide (18)


StemCyte Transplant Units Provided

1 of 26

Cord Blood Units are from StemCyte

Transplant Experience

Trust comes with experience. The number of cord blood units released for transplant speaks volumes about a cord blood bank's success in delivering viable stem cells when it matters.

StemCyte has delivered more than 2,303 cord blood units in over 350 transplant centers worldwide. To date there have been over 60,000 cord blood transplants (18) performed worldwide. StemCyte has provided 1 out of every 26 cord blood units used in transplants.

StemCyte transplant record

StemCyte towers over all other cord blood banks as we have provided more cord blood units for transplant than any other cord blood bank.

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