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4 Reasons Why You Should Private Bank Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Benefits of preserving your newborn's cord blood stem cells

When you are pregnant, there are so many decisions to make. One thing that may not be at the top of your list, but it is important, is cord blood banking. Here are four reasons you should privately bank your baby's cord blood.

Cord blood banking
StemCyte Cord Blood Banking

1. Your baby’s cord blood is a lifesaver – it can be used to treat over 80 different diseases.

Your baby's cord blood is a valuable source of stem cells. It can be used to treat over 80 FDA approved diseases, including cancer, blood disorders, and immune system disorders. Banking your baby's cord blood gives your child a chance to receive life-saving treatment with their stem cells.

Bailey Coates is one of many saved by their cord blood stem cells. She is an infant stroke survivor who received a transfusion of her preserved cord blood stem cells ten years ago. When the Coates family banked Bailey's cord blood with StemCyte, they knew they were investing in her future health but did not realize how quickly they would need it.

2. Your baby’s cord blood is a perfect match to their own stem cells and is less likely to cause rejection than those from other sources like bone marrow.

Your baby has a perfect match, so there's no need to worry about compatibility issues. Biological siblings from the same parents have a 75% chance of being a partial match, and parents have a 25% chance of being a match.

3. Private banking ensures that your baby's cord blood will be available if they ever need it.

When you choose private banking of your baby's cord blood, it will be ready and available when you need it. If instead you choose to donate your baby's cord blood stem cells, it will be available to any patient to purchase who require a stem cell transplant. However, your family does not retain ownership of your child's cord blood once it is donated.

Bailey Coates' mom always says, "It's best to have it and not need it than need it and not have it."

Banking your baby's cord blood will give you and your family peace of mind, knowing that you have a backup plan in case of any unforeseen medical emergencies.

4. Private Banking your baby's cord blood is easy and affordable.

You can choose a private bank that fits your needs and budget. The cost of private banking might be tax deductible in the United States, please check with your tax accountant.

At StemCyte, we provide the most comprehensive cord blood banking package that includes access to StemCyte's public bank inventory if additional stem cells are needed at the time of transplant.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to bank your baby's stem cells.

Hopefully, this blog has answered some of your questions about cord blood banking . The benefits of banking your baby's cord blood stem cells can be life-saving, and as technology advances, the potential for using stored cord blood cells only increases. Enroll today and rest assured that you have taken important steps to safeguard your child’s future health. Our cord blood educators are also available to answer additional questions by calling 866-389-4659.


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