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Special Father's Day Pricing  Expires 06/30.

Public Bank Access Plus

StemCyte Introduces Public Bank Access Plus for Parents

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Preserve Your Baby's Stem Cells

Stem Cyte provides the most comprehensive Cord Blood banking packages.

Both my husband and I come from a mixed race. Signing up with StemCyte to get Public Bank Access Plus gave us peace of mind.


Banked Molly in 2023

My mom died of cancer and having access to stem cells is important to me. 

Banked in 2023 

I was thrilled when I found out about Public Bank Access Plus. I didn't even think twice to get it.


Banked Jake in 2023


What Our Clients Are Saying

What is the cost?

When you preserve your baby's cord blood stem cells, your baby will gain access to Public Bank Access at no additional cost. And now, baby's parents can add Public Bank Access Plus for $499 per person.  That's peace of mind!

StemCyte Public Bank Access

What is Public Bank Access Plus?

Preserving your baby’s stem cells with StemCyte just got better! Baby’s parents can also gain access to StemCyte’s public bank inventory to treat any FDA approved diseases requiring cord blood stem cells, even if they did not preserve their own cord blood at birth.

How is Public Bank Access Plus different than Public Bank Access?

Public Bank Access Plus is now available for baby's parents while Public Bank Access is for your child.  

StemCyte will provide a matching cord blood unit from our public bank. StemCyte provides complete protection that no other cord blood bank can offer! That’s peace of mind!

StemCyte Public Bank Access
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