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Cord Blood Awareness Month Promo  Expires 07/31.
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Cord Blood Saves Lives

We need your help!

Your high volume collection could become someone else's miracle!

Cord blood stem cells are currently being used to treat and cure more than 80 life-threatening illnesses, including many cancers, immune deficiencies, and genetic disorders. There are thousands of patients with blood diseases like leukemia, lymphoma, and sickle cell anemia that are in urgent need of a life-saving transplant.


By collecting higher volumes of cord blood stem cells, you could help save or improve someone’s life.

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Why do we still throw cord blood away?

There are instances where cord blood units may not be suitable for transplantation due to various reasons, such as low cell count, insufficient volume, or contamination. In such cases, cord blood units will not meet the quality standards required for transplantation and may be discarded.

Tips when collecting cord blood stem cells

We can get higher volumes if you:

  • Clamp the cord as close to the baby as possible - this will ensure maximum volume!

  • Leave the cord as long as possible.

  • Cut short segments only, if needed.

  • No INSTRUMENTS PLEASE - (this will prevent the cord from clotting)!

  • Use a lap towel for traction when delivering the placenta

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Additional Info

For additional question regarding collection please contact us at 866-389-4659

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