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Where Regenerative Science Meets Beauty


Obtaining youthful, balanced and radiant skin can be easily and quickly achieved with StemVita skin care products.  The proprietary formula combines a unique retinyl palmitate with antioxidants to reverse and slow down common signs of aging from the sun and environmental damage.

Expectant Moms

StemCyte developed StemVita with you in mind! 

Skin challenges are common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

In fact, many women experience melasma, acne, dry, and blotchy skin. 

StemVita quickly and safely gives expectant mom's smooth, hydrated, and glowing skin. 

StemVita is safe and effective for pregnant women. The formula utilizes

ingredients that are Generally Recognized As Safe. (GRAS)

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Vitamin A

To Reduce Sun and

Environmental Damage

Vitamin B 

To Support and

Speed Up

 Cell Turnover

Vitamin C

To Lighten and

Brighten the Skin


Vitamin E

 To Hydrate the Skin

and Defend Against


Steps 1 & 2

Apply StemVita's quick absorbing Serum and Moisturizing Cream

in the morning and evening on freshly cleansed skin.

Step 3

Dramatically improve results with StemVita's

Natural Silk Rejuvenating Mask when applied one time per week.

Safe & Effective

For aging, darker skin and expecting moms! 

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Pregnant Woman
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Natural Model

StemVita's pure, all-natural 100% silk facial mask drenches skin in our patented StemVita formula. Active ingredients penetrate basal stem cell membranes, stimulate and speed up cell turnover rate resulting in skin rejuvenation and regeneration.


StemVita Natural Silk Rejuvenating Mask

  • Hydrates and brightens

  • Corrects melasma and hyperpigmentation

  • Tightens and increases elasticity

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Smooths uneven skin tone


Box Contains 5 Masks


 StemVita Renewal Serum

  • Increases elasticity

  • Lightens dark spots

  • Reduces pore size

  • Smooths skin texture

  • Encourages cell turnover


Serum 30 mL

 StemVita Moisturizing Cream

  • Softens and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles

  • Improves and lifts cell hydration without water loss 

  • Moisturizes deep into the skin to improve texture and elasticity.

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Moisturizing Cream

30 mL

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