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transplant experience

The number of cord blood units released for transplant speaks volumes about StemCyte's success in delivering viable stem cells when it matters.

StemCyte towers over all other cord blood banks as we have provided more cord blood units for transplant than any other cord blood bank. StemCyte has delivered more than 2,303 cord blood units to over 350 transplant centers worldwide, including the top 8 transplant centers in the USA.

Our Partners

StemCyte’s role in stem cell therapy does not end with the retrieval,
processing, and storage of your baby’s umbilical cord after birth.


Our partnerships extend to provide you an all-encompassing experience that protects the future of your child even before conception.

Cedars Sinai Medical Center, CA

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, CA

City of Hope National Medical Center, CA

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, WA

Duke University Hospital, NC

Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY

Stanford Hospital and Clinics, CA

UCSD Thornton Hospital, CA

Only 40 years ago, hundreds of diseases and medical conditions existed without a known cure.


With the help of stem cell research, and stem cell banking, over 80 different diseases to date can be treated using cord blood,and over half of those diseases have been successfully treated using StemCyte units.

Transplant Experience

StemCyte Provided One Of Every 20 Cord Blood Transplant Worldwide

Transplant Experience

Top 8 Transplant Centers StemCyte Partners With

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Preserve Your Baby's Stem Cells

Stem Cyte provides the most comprehensive Cord Blood banking packages.

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