Cord Blood & Tissue Preservation... A Gift of a Lifetime!


Plan #1

Good through May 31, 2021

Cord Blood StandardCell®


Includes 1 Year of Storage


Plan #2

Good through May 31, 2021

Cord Blood + Tissue StandardCell® Processing

Includes 1 Year of Storage


Save your baby's cord blood to protect your family's future health! 


Give To Protect

Growing families know the importance

of cord blood and cord tissue banking. 

 Millions of parents worldwide have preserved their newborn's cord blood.

and Share What Matters Most

With StemCyte's sibling donor program, your newborn's cord blood stem cells can be quickly accessed and used to treat the health and well-being of their immediate family.

to Thrive Together Forever! 

Every baby, including yours, has an amazing potential to protect not only their health but the health of their biological siblings and parents for a lifetime!

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